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Aqua-Photo Photography Service

 Aqua-Photo Photography Service

The Photography department at Aqua-Sport offers our customers Photography Service at an extremely high level, ranging from still photos, DVD and equipment rental.
On request a professional photographer will join the dive. Divers that choose to take a photographer will be escorted during the preparations for the dive, the dive and will finally be provided with a heap load of photos of themselves and the underwater marine life they observed during their dive.

Our expertise is to produce sharp colorful photos that show the divers clearly.
Our DVD movies are edited on a computer, combined with music and effects to provide a perfect souvenir to remember the wonderful experience and dive at Aqua-Sport.

If you want a special underwater "Wedding Proposal", you have reached the correct address.

And for the more experienced among you, rent your own camera, download the photos on to a disc and take the photos home.
Gabi, our main photographer, will be happy to assist you with any queries or help you may need to improve your photography skills.

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