OMS Backplate with Harness Stainless

OMS Backplate with Harness Stainless


Product Description

This basic harness uses 25 feet of 2 inch nylon webbing material, 3 stainless steel D-rings with weight stops are included. Two at chest level and one on the waist. Easily repositioned for optimal configuration with an OMS Stainless Steel buckle. A 2 inch sewn crotch strap with a 2 inch Scooter “D” ring is also included. This harness is available to be installed on a diver’s backplate or on the OMS Aluminum or Stainless Steel backplates. Divers that prefer the simplest, most utilitarian harness generally choose this configuration. Available as a Kit or installed on OMS Backplates

    25 feet of webbing for fitting a variety of body types
    3 Stainless Steel 2 inch “D” rings
    Stainless Steel Buckle
    2 inch Crotch Strap with “2” inch Scooter rin

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