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OMS Stainless Bolt Snaps & Double Enders

OMS Stainless Bolt Snaps & Double Enders


OMS BigGrip Stainless Steel Bolt Snap Small

Divers have been using standard bolt-snaps and double-enders for years.  With the new OMS BigGrip Stainless Steel Bolt Snap, they’ve alleviated the need to have taken an off-the-shelf clip and made it work for a recreational diver attaching a light or gauge or a technical diver attaching a stage bottle. They work pretty well yet the challenge has come from the size of the clip. Sure the clips are easy enough to use on land and with bare hands. But to use them underwater where you can’t see them, and gloves making it almost impossible to feel them, well that’s an entirely different matter. Of course practice, practice, practice has made it possible to use them. But come on, there just has to be a better way.

 That’s when OMS took bolt-snaps and double-enders to a whole new level.

 We thought, hey, what if we could get clips that adapt to us and how we use them as divers instead of the other way around? What if we created a clip with an extended gate that allows us to actually feel the gate when we are wearing thick neoprene or dry gloves? And what if, just if, we put a better spring inside making the gate move smoother? Ah, then you’d have something.

 That’s exactly what we did with the OMS BigGrip™ Bolt-Snaps and Double-Enders. We’ve also made them in multiple sizes depending on what works best for you.

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