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Guided Snorkeling
Birthday Snorkel trip in Taba
Guided Snorkeling with Bella
snorkeling briefing
snorkeling from underwater
snorkeling group chilling in water
selfie in Taba while snorkeling
going snorkeling
snorkeler climbing back on taba boat

Guided Snorkeling

At Aqua Sport we offer guided snorkeling Trips in both Eilat and Taba.

Snorkeling trips in Eilat generally take place in the Eilat Nature Reserve which is adjacent to Aqua Sport. You will be provided with a mask, snorkel and fins so that you may experience the Eilat Nature Reserve in its full beauty.

We also offer family and friends of divers that go diving in Japanese Gardens the opportunity to snorkel at the magnificent Japanese Gardens of Eilat. Snorkelers on the Japanese Gardens boat will only be able to snorkel during the second/shallow dive.

Aqua Sport also offers snorkeling boat excursions in Taba to the beautiful Coral Island and the surrounding area for 2-3 snorkeling opportunities.

Please note that if you will be passing into Taba/Egypt, you will be required to pay border crossing fees.

Snorkeling in Eilat

Snorkeling in Taba

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