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OMS Sidemount Adapter

OMS Sidemount Adapter

500.00 ₪מחיר

The OMS Side Mount Adapter is a modular component for your OMS buoyancy compensators. The adapter brings full side mount functionality and value to your OMS buoyancy compensator by eliminating the need and expense of a dedicated side mount system. The OMS modular design approach gives you the flexibility and adaptability needed to meet the changing and evolving demands as your underwater exploration expands.

The Tec Side Mount Adapter is designed to be used in with the OMS Tesseract Wing. The primary and redundant airways on the Tesseract Wing are positioned on the right and left sides of the wing allowing the Tech Adapter to wrap over the top of the wing. This provides a low entanglement leading edge.  In addition the Tesseract Wing’s retraction bands can be re-threaded to make for a low entanglement back surface while keeping the wing from “tacoing”or folding up behind the diver.

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