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נירוסטה Backplat עם OMS Smartstream רתמת

נירוסטה Backplat עם OMS Smartstream רתמת

1,160.00 ₪מחיר

The OMS Smartstream Harness has been paired with the OMS Stainless Steel Backplate. The Harness features 11.5ft (3.5cm) of 2" (5cm) nylon webbing and six 316 stainless steel D-Rings with weight stops included.

The Stainless Steel Backplate has had the sharp edges removed by a special de-burring process which helps prevent abrasion.

The OMS Smartstream Harness has been developed to aid configuration challenges which may arise when doning a heavy rig.  By pulling the waist straps forward, the shoulder straps secure the diver's shoulders and back. The unique OMS System allows the use of the OMS Weight Pockets to be attached with ease.

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