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חולצת לייקרה שרוול ארוך

חולצת לייקרה שרוול ארוך

130.00 ₪מחיר

A Dive Pro Long Sleeve Men's Rash Guard, also known as rash vest, is a type of water wear, an athletic shirt made of Spandex and Lycra nylon.

The use of Lycra and Spandex create a garment that is light weight, quick drying, flexible, durable, and naturally antibacterial and water wicking.

Rash Guards also offer protection from the sun (measured by its Ultraviolet Protection Factor),

the Dive Pro Long Sleeve Men's Rash Guard offer a 50% UV protection factor.

High collar to prevent wetsuit neck irritation

Available Sizes

From: XS to 5 XL

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