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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book?

You can make a booking via email using the booking form on the website. You can also contact our office either in Taba or Eilat and speak to our reservations department. For Courses Dive activities and Dive Packages a deposit of $ 60/250 shekel  will be payable per person. For Liveaboard Cruises 100% will be required on booking.


How can I pay?

Payment can be made by Visa/MasterCard, AMEX , Diners  or by cash.

What is the exchange rate?

For an accurate currency rate please refer to:
5% bank charges are added to the daily bank rate.


Courses Please read the PADI Medical Questionnaire on our website. If you answer “YES” to any question you must visit your physician to complete, sign and stamp the questionnaire to confirm that you are medically fit to dive. Please bring the completed questionnaire with you.


Diving Courses in Eilat only

Certification fee is US $ 50. PADI Manuals can be purchased at the Dive Centre. 


Daily Diving
For further details visit our website page: ?CategoryID=291

All rates are on a tank/weight basis. Equipment Hire raes are detailed on the "price" pages.


Aqua Sport offers daily shore and boat diving.


Diving Courses

Equipment is included in the published rates.

Eilat   - Course entry age : 12 years

Egypt - Course entry age : 10 years


All Aqua Sport Diving Courses



In addition to the medical questionnaire, if  you have answerer  any of the questhion, positively ,you must bring a signed +stamped letter from a diving doctor confirming you are medically fit to dive.

If you are 45 years or older you must also complete a stress test “ergometry test” in your home country and bring the results with you.



What tanks do you use?

The tanks we use are 12L aluminium with international yoke fittings.  We also stock a number of 7.5L Children’s tanks and a limited number of 15L steels.


I have a DIN regulator

Many of the yoke fittings have removable inserts for DIN regulators.  We also stock Din adaptor which are available for rent & 150 shekel which will be refunded on return.


Flying after diving
Flying after diving recommendations by PADI. Single dives - a minimum pre-flight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested. Repetitive dives, and / or multi-day dives - a minimum pre-flight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested.


How do I get to Aqua Sport?


Visit google maps or waze


From  Tel Aviv


Daily Internal Flight Service-Arkia or Israir

Daily Bus Service-Egged.  



From Eilat Airport-


taxi or bus no 15


From ovda

 Pre booked bus / Taxi



From Cairo


Daily Bus Service-details on request

Weekly flight to Taba-details on request


From Eilat Aqua-sport to Taba





 I have special dietary needs

If you require any special requirements please can you inform Aqua-Sport International when you make your reservation and we will be happy to assist.


Can I go fishing in the area?

The area is protected by the Ras Mohammed National Park and although they allow fishing from a moving boat which is at least 150 metres from the shoreline, Aqua-Sport International condone any fishing within the National Park. Please refer to the Environment Laws enforced in the Red Sea :

All diving and snorkelling in the area is covered by law 102 of the National Parks of Egypt.
Below is a list of the laws that we have added for your safety and for the preservation of marine life:
No fish feeding.
No disposal of food or rubbish in the sea.
No collecting of shells or corals.
No touching of corals or marine life.
No fishing.
No spear fishing.


How do I get to Aqua-Sport International Taba from Israel?

There is a border check point at Taba 6km South of Eilat. The time to cross can vary between 20 minutes and 2 hours in either direction. 


What wetsuit do I need?

We recommend that in the winter period that you wear a 5mm full suit and in the summer a 3mm short suit. Please refer to weather page for further information.


I am in a wheelchair

Aqua-Sport international have access to all areas for wheelchair users.  For diving activities most people have their own buddy, however, a personal diver to help you with your diving activity can be provided at a cost of $ per day.


Opening hours
The Main Watersports and Diving Centre is open daily from:

Winter Season    : 08:30  to 17:30

Summer Season : 08:30  to 19:00


Aqua Sport Taba is open 365 days of the year*

Aqua Sport Eilat is open 363 days of the year*

* occasional weather can stop diving


Diving Insurance


Diving Insurance is compulsory in this area.


Taba: If you have  your own diving  insurance please bring the policy with you or you can purchase the insurance locally at Aqua Sport.

Eilat: DAN insurance is accepted and any locally purchased diving insurance. Diving Insurance can be purchased locally at Aqua Sport.



All divers must present a valid certification card and a logbook. A check/refresh dive will have to be performed if you have not dived within the last six months. Proof of your last logged dive is either from a stamped log book or a personal dive computer. For your own safety and the safety of other divers we do recommend a check dive when doing your first dive with us.


Reservation and cancellation policy

Please refer to Aqua-Sport International Terms and Conditions.



No diving deeper than 30m (100ft) as per law set by the EUSF, no decompression diving, a safety stop on all dives, no gloves, no knives, always dive with an alternate air source, surface with a reserve in your tank (50 Bar), ascend on the rope or near the reef, and do not ascend under the boats or in the blue.


If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Taba Office:

Aqua-Sport International

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Eilat Office:

Aqua-Sport International

PO Box 300

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Tel:     +972 8 633 3655

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