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At Aqua Sport, we offer a range of courses from beginner to instructor level
Come join the underwater tribe or improve your skills with experienced instructors in year round favorable conditions

Scuba Oxygen Tank
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • Enriched Air

  • AWARE Fish Identification

  • AWARE Shark conservation

  • Boat Diver

  • Dive Propulsion Vehicle

  • Drift DIver

  • Equipment Specialist

  • Underwater Naturalist

  • Digital Underwater Photography

  • Project AWARE Specialty

  • Underwater Navigation

  • Oxygen Provider

  • AWARE Reef Conservation

  • Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) Diver

  • Deep Diver

  • Wreck Diver

  • Search and Recovery

  • Night Dive

  • Sidemount

Need a PADI Certification Card?
Lost Your Card and Need a New Certification Card?

Contact us with your details during payment or after payment so that we may order you a new PADI certification card

Required information for a new card:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Address (including zipcode)

  • Certification Level to be ordered

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