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Dive Sites of Eilat

(9) The Hawk (The Mosquito ) Site

Depth: 30 meters

The Hawk was sunk in 1986 at a depth of approximately 30 meters. The ship was an old navy patrol boat that was decommissioned. Due to its

fiberglass body, almost no coral grow on it. This 12 meter long ship lays on the seabed with the bow facing east.

(10) The 'Eel Garden' Site

Depth: 6-18 meters

A sandy slope that starts at a depth of 6 meters and descends to a depth of about 18 meters, with beautiful corals. The sandy slope serves as a home for eels that rise from the sandy bottom in the direction of the

water stream.

(11) The 'Tamar Reef' Site

Depth: 8 meters

An artificial structure of perforated concrete squares,

placed at a shallow depth to create an artificial

coral reef, which attracts many fish and corals.

(12) Moses Rock

Depth: 8 meters

This rock rises from the sea bottom, almost reaching the surface and is known as the largest coral habitat on the shores of Eilat's Red Sea, abundant in a variety

of species of corals and schools of fish.

(13) Japanese Gardens

Depth: 12-30 meters
A long strip of beautiful coral reef,

divided into two areas, known as the deep

gardens and the shallow gardens is situated approximately 200 meters north of the Underwater Observatory. Access to this site is possible by boat only and must be booked in advance.

(14) The University/Lighthouse

Depth: 6-18 meters

A gentle slope full of corals and fish, where a number of research facilities are located. The University part of the lighthouse reef belongs/is maintained by the nearby IUI Marine Research Institute.

(15) Three Rocks/The Three Sisters 

Depth: 8 meters

Three large coral reefs located 50 meters apart from each other, in a straight line running north to south, in the heart of a sandy seabed at a depth of approximately 5-8 meters.

Eilat Dive Sites
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(16) The Caves

Depth: 6-8 meters

An approximate 100 meter strip of reef, with

several tunnels, most of which are blocked. Vibrant coral with beautiful fish and critters waiting for you to find them.

(17) Neptune's Tables and Veronica

Depth: 24 meters

This site is the southernmost on the shores of Eilat. Across the sandy seabed, are a number of table corals

at a depth of about 24 meters on a flat sandy

seabed covered with algae. There are also a

number of large corals on the slope and shallow

coastal area.

(8) The Satil Gun Boat Wreck

Depth: 24 meters

The Sufa Gun Boat was one of the French Cherbourg fleet. It was sunk in 1994 and lays on the sandy seabed at a depth of

18-24 meters. The ship is about 40 meters long and stands upright with its bow facing north and rising to a depth of approximately 12 meters. Over the years, the ship has become one of Eilat's most popular and exciting dive sites.

(6) EAPC/Katza Beach

(Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Company)

Depth: 18 meters

This beach, which opened to the public in 2017 and offers diving among giant artificial pillars that are covered with a variety of corals, attracting many species of fish and marine life.

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(4) The Canyon

Depth: Starting from 20 meters

An underwater canyon whose bed

is full of corals. The site begins at a depth of approximately 20 meters and continues to descend to a great depth.

(2) The Underwater Restaurant

Depth: 6-12 meters

An underwater structure that used to be an underwater restaurant, with windows overlooking the surrounding coral reefs. This site has grown over the years and is abundant in marine life

and beautiful corals.

(7) Paradise

Depth: Depth: 24-30 meters

On a flat seabed east of the Satil wreck, starting from about 24 meters, Paradise is covered with an extensive carpet of colorful corals in a variety of species, and a large selection of marine animals.

(3) The Pyramid

Depth: 30 meters

An artificial pyramid shaped dive site, built in the early 1990s and has since been colonized by many red sponge coral. This site is located far from the beach, in a

busy sailing area and at a great depth with

lower visibility conditions than on the southern shore. Caution is advised.

(1) The Sun Boat Wreck

Depth: 15 meters

The ship was deliberately sunk in 2010 and stands erect on a sandy seabed at a depth of 15 meters with its bow facing north. The boat is about 30 meters long and provides a home and hiding place for a variety of marine creatures. Around the ship are amphibious vehicles that were moved here from their original location near the Pyramid site.

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