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The Diving Gear Laboratory is located within Aqua-Sport International at the Eilat Dive Centre.  It is the most experienced in the Middle East having been established since 1962, offering the highest specification and contains the most advanced technology in its’ field both within Israel and abroad.

The Lab tests, measures, refurbishes, calibrates: Breathing apparatus (open array), Buoyancy aids, and Cylinder valves all in accordance to strict manufactures instructions using original parts.
The Lab. Is authorised to carry out Hydrostatic testing on diving cylinders annually and 4 yearly. (This includes seamless cylinders as per BS5430 to a volume of 20 Lt. and working  pressure of 300 Bar.)

Refurbished Regulator inc. all required seals not including     €13
replacement parts      

Refurbished B.C. inc. all seals not including replacement        €32
(Refurbished B.C. – only replaceable parts no repairs
using adhesive to material.)                    
Tank Valve refurbishment inc. seals not including cement      11

Open array cylinder          €22
Diving cylinder                    €22
Other cylinders                  €46

standards only, and according to manufactures requirements.
Refurbishment of high pressure compressor units as per manufactures requirements:
"On Site" (client)               49/Hr
 In Lab.                                  €35/Hr


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