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Dive Sites of Taba

Shore Dive Sites

In Taba, we have 4 beautiful shore dive sites available straight off our beach, in front of the dive center and/or a short walk. Each dive is different in character and has easy access to beautiful shallow reefs. These dives are great for divers staying in Taba and anyone coming for scuba diving in Eilat and want to diversify and dive in more beautiful locations

House Reef

From the dive center, walk straight into the water, our house reef has beautiful coral reefs and an abundance of fish life available in any depth to any diver, no matter the diver's level of experience. A gentle sandy slope starts to drop away to a maximum of 30 meters over a sloping coral bed, consisting of many different types of corals and fish, such as anthias, lionfish, parrot fish, puffer fish, barracuda and Jackfish and much more...

Black Corals

A short walk from the dive center, is a small reef at a depth of between 16 – 26 meters with majestic corals worth a visit. The corals are surrounded by sand and seagrass, which together, form a comfortable home for many marine species. The big central coral block is surrounded by glassfish and, on occasions, there are frogfish and stonefish on beautiful display in between the swarms of smaller fish

The Canyons

Extending out from the Taba Hotel and the Movenpick boundary fence lies a series of underwater Canyons with many dive areas to explore. The dive takes place through ridges of the canyons, passing through areas with large pillars and overhangs, to a maximum depth of 35 meters. In this area if you are lucky, you will see turtle, rays, big groupers and much more...

Movenpick House Reef

In front of the Movenpick hotel lies a reef that starts at around 10 meters with a drop to 28 meters. This area boasts shoals of angel fish which congregate around corals, as well as, octopus, moray eels, puffer fish and even the rare and well camouflaged frogfish

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