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Off the beach, in front of our dive centers, are some of the finest beach dives to be found in the Red Sea. Join one of our daily boats to explore many more unspoiled and pristine locations. Dramatic mountains falling into the sea create wonderous underwater landscapes featuring valleys, canyons and plateaus that combine to produce a variety of dive sites from shallow coral gardens to seamount reefs. Beginners find plenty of exciting diving, while the really experienced divers are impressed with the amazing variety of marine life, the solitude and the convenience of diving with Aqua-Sport. Currents and tidal flow are minimal in this area. For underwater photographers, the area is a paradise.


Each Aqua-Sport diving centre is located on pristine Taba and Eilat beaches only meters from the Red Sea and it's glorious coral reefs. Our Centres are unique because, unlike most others, at each of the three Aqua-Sport facilities right off the beach directly in front of an Aqua-Sport Centre are some of the finest beach dives to be found in the Red Sea. Needless to say, for those of you learning to dive, no swimming pools are necessary, it's a Red Sea experience right from the start – what could be better.


Checking in at any of our centres on the first day is simple. Our friendly and knowledgable staff will help you with the check-in procedure, medical statements, diving insurance and if needed, we can supply you with all your equipment needs from our extensive range of branded gear. For your own convienence please remember to bring your C-Card and diving log book with you to the check in. Under certain circumstances we may ask you to do a refresh dive. If you have diving insurance, also bring it with you, if not Aqua-Sport offers a reliable insurance policy valid for one year which covers you for any emergency recompression treatment in Egypt, Jordan and Israel.



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