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AQUA SPORT Metric Depth & Pressure Gauge Console

AQUA SPORT Metric Depth & Pressure Gauge Console


Combo Console is a low profiled and ergonomically designed to fit in the hand comfortably and is easy to read at a glance with its outstanding graphics. The combo console has an air-filled steel diaphragm depth gauge with a 0' to 70 meters readout and maximum depth indicator. The colored graphics allow quick glance monitoring with bright red depth indicators at strategic positions on the gauge face. The red indicators are at depths beyond the standard sport limits of 40 to 70 meters. Gauge face is luminescent for low light situations. 

Pressure gauge is a highly accurate bourdon tube design, reads pressure up to 350 bars and features a thermometer for temperature readings. As like the depth gauge, the SPG has high visibility graphics and the gauge face is also luminescent. Pressure gauge comes with a 36" (91.4 cm) high pressure hose 

Both gauges are packaged in a noncorrosive thermoplastic boot that is impact resistant and durable. Console boot has a sleek low-profile with attachment points on both sides for a lanyard or clip. Both the depth and pressure gauges mount on the front of the boot and on the back side the boot has a small round writing slate for communications.

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