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Hollis SD 7.1 Semi Dry Wetsuit

Hollis SD 7.1 Semi Dry Wetsuit


Enjoy the warmth of our SD 7.1 coldwater semi-dry suit. Includes a new-generation T-Zip on the back. Arms and legs are also sealed against leaks with an internal dam.


- Glued and double Blind stitched on inside and out.
- Abrasion resistant high wear areas.
- High flex / stretch neoprene panels.
- New Generation TZip.
- 2 x Tec Utility pockets with inbuilt D-ring and drain holes.
- 7 mm compression-resistant neoprene.
- Neck, wrist and ankle internal Dams.
- Adjustable neck collar.
- Coupled Dry Hood with Air Escape. 

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