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Snorkling Set - Black & Yellow

Snorkling Set - Black & Yellow

₪159.00 Regular Price
₪143.00Sale Price

The mask with a wide field of view and extremely comfortable frame.

Large silicone buttons on the buckles make it incredibly easy to adjust the strap even when you wearing gloves.

A new form of comfort

 • Wide field of view

• It is easy to start using

• Soft silicone buttons on the buckles located on the frame


An easy-breathing snorkel equals a much more comfortable, enjoyable time spent in the water.

A splash guard on top, a purge valve on the bottom and a premium silicone mouthpiece all work together to enable the TRINIDAD SNORKEL to deliver loads of

smooth and dry airflow.

Unrestricted airflow increases the comfort level and ratchets up the fun of being in the water, and that's what snorkeling all about. The flex section and quick-connect clip make it easy to attach to a mask strap and even easier to use.

Available in black, yellow, pink, red, blue, white colors.

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